Email Crush This Week

Every week on Friday, I pick  an email from my ever-flooding inbox to show how its design looks great.

The winner this week is AirBnb. They have launched a series of emails to announce the launch of a new Airbnb, with a focus on local travel experiences.

Here what they have done right.

1. A Stunning Banner


A series of beautiful posters is grouped together with great consideration for  the  transition of colors and types.

2. Brilliant Typography


We do not often find a man slicing salami  this appealing
and classy.

With the right lettering, everything is possible





Typography also helps uniting  a heap of images you have just found from anywhere on the net.

In this case it is to make a poodle and vodka bottles look uniform.

3. A Balancing Act

To balance an email with lots of visual effects and high-impact photos, this  humble call-to-action form is used.


Your customers would not die of eye fatigues. They might click on that humble CTAs and do what you want them to do.

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